Foot Heath Practitioner in Leicester

TreatmentsAs a registered and qualified Foot Health Practitioner in Leicester, we specialise in a wide variety of foot care treatments. Mac Foot Clinic is the complete solution to the health and care of your feet, and we can even visit you in your own home!

Treatment Packages: We can provide you with a combined treatment package as listed below, or tailor individual treatments to suit you and your foot condition. 

A full treatment package consists of :-

  1. Nails cut and trimmed. Once finished they give a pleasing look to the eye.
  2. Any corns, callous (hard skin) removed through enuculation and debriding (reducing of hard skin)
  3. Any ingrowing nails will be trimmed to release the sensation of pain and give general relief.
  4. Any verrucas will be assessed, treated and a planned campaign to eradicate them.
  5. Any fungal infection will be assessed, treated and a planned campaign to eradicate.
  6. Finally feet will be creamed and massaged.

Treatments can be tailored to suit each client's needs.

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