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Mark CarpenterMy name is Mark Carpenter and I'm a qualified Foot Health Practitioner in Leicester. I run a foot clinic in Wigston and my job (as well as my interest) is to look after your feet. I can take full care of nearly any foot problem; from treating corns to treating verrucas, nail trimming to curing fungal infections.

I qualified as a Foot Health Practitioner in February 2009, having studied at The College of Foot Health Practitioners based at Blackheath, West Midlands. As a child I was always fascinated with feet. I don’t really know why, except to say that the structure of the foot is one of beauty, so when the window of opportunity opened for me to study and qualify as a Foot Health Practitioner, I took it and haven’t looked back since.

Feet are one of those things we all seem to take for granted and it’s only when we have a problem and it limits our mobility that we seem to notice just how important they are.


I’ve helped countless people with a wide variety of foot problems, from verrucas to fungal infections, cutting nails to treating ingrowing toenails.

Although many of the cases I see each day are similar and can be categorised under the same headings, I like to treat each one as a new and individual case, unique to the client. I treat my clients as individuals and not just another pair of feet. I pride myself on customer care and as a result I have a long list of satisfied and returning clients.

As a qualified Foot Health Practitioner I’m also able to study a wide variety of treatments outside of my direct field, one of which is reflexology and falls under the heading of Holistic Therapies. Because reflexology is a study of feet (and hands) it is an ideal treatment to be able to offer to my clients. I am studying the treatment at the moment and hope to qualify as a reflexologist in June 2012. This also fits in quite nicely with my wife Corinne’s services as she is a qualified Aromatherapist and Holistic massage therapist.

I’m always happy to talk through a condition over the phone or by email and provide free advice. Just get in touch and we can begin treating your foot condition.

Mark Carpenter.

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